Narconon Suncoast Welcomes Renowned Relationship Coach for Weekend Seminar

Author and Guest Speaker

Narconon Suncoast featured author and relationship coach Daphna Levy at a seminar designed to help participants find their perfect match. More than twenty-five students in recovery at Narconon Suncoast attended Levy's quick-witted and resource-filled workshop.

Since drug addiction and alcoholism ruin most relationships, Narconon Suncoast students welcomed an insightful look at how to build solid partnerships in sobriety.  Levy, who has been a successful relationship coach for over 30 years, focuses on helping people find, maintain and recreate positive, long-lasting personal relationships. 

The relationship techniques featured in my book, ‘Picking Right: The Single’s Guide to Finding the Right Match’ are equally relevant to someone starting, starting over or healing a relationship. The guidelines and techniques in a loving and prosperous marriage are the same as in a thriving business.” Said Levy.  “Learning these effective relationship techniques and putting them to use in life can mean the difference between disaster and life-long happiness.” 

"Learning these effective relationship techniques and putting them to use in life can mean the difference between disaster and life-long happiness."

Daphna Levy , Author

With most of divorces citing alcohol and drug related incidents as the cause of the relationship failure, the topic of building healthy relationships was of keen interest to the seminar attendees.  Many addicts seeking rehabilitation services are no longer in successful relationships, thus learning the skills needed for creating an empowering, sober relationship is vital. 

“Thinking of working things out with my wife, once I got off drugs has terrified me for a long time. We became a couple while we were both addicted.  In the workshop, I saw that while I could probably work it out, but the truth is we probably aren't a match anymore.  I saw that we probably never were a real match and that we were simply addicted together.” Said one workshop participant.   

In contrast, another Narconon student said, “I have been so ashamed of the horrible person that drugs had me become, that I had forgotten about the real me, the one who was a great partner and wife, who really helped my husband do well and build our business.  The drugs and alcohol disabled me from caring for anything but my addiction. Great to see that I am ready to nurture others again.” 

Another Narconon student said, “I was able to see where I stopped creating positive relationships, even before I started partying.  This really opened my eyes to what I would need to do to find a good guy, who would want a good girl like me!” 

This seminar on building relationships, perfectly flanked the Narconon Life Skills Courses which are designed to help the addict get to the root causes of their addictive behavior and learn new skills that alleviate their future need for drugs and alcohol.  “I am thrilled to come share what I know about building relationships with the students at Narconon Suncoast,” Said Levy. “Narconon is very special to me, because my husband of 30 years graduated the Narconon program in Los Angeles in 1979.  He has been sober for 38 years! I know the personal joy of having created a lasting, sober relationship with someone whose life was saved by the Narconon Program, and who was able to put his addiction behind him for good.”  

Source: Narconon Suncoast


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