Narconon Suncoast Honors Long-Term Graduate Success at Community Event

A Special Graduation

Graduate successes were celebrated recently at a community event hosted by Narconon Suncoast. Wins from the program were shared in the packed auditorium as graduates and current students shared how the program has completely transformed their lives.

This week Narconon Suncoast celebrated a spectacular community dinner and graduation. The graduation was the culmination of another month of community addiction awareness and drug prevention activities. Community leaders, family, and friends gathered in the packed auditorium to hear participants share their remarkable stories of recovering their lives from addiction.

“In the midst of daily news of the opioid crisis, overdoses and loss, we think it’s important to share that addictions can end, and families can be restored,” said Narconon Suncoast Director of Community Services, Yvonne Rodgers. Ms. Rodgers who hosted the graduation event went on to say, “Most people now think that addiction is an incurable disease, but at Narconon, we get people clean every day, without the use of replacement drugs. It’s more important than ever to support all forms of effective treatment.”

Keith B. who graduated the Narconon program one year ago returned to celebrate his anniversary and share about his new sober life. “Previous to Narconon I had gone to more than 50 medical detoxes and rehabs. Nothing kept me sober for more than a few weeks. It wasn’t until I discovered why I was using alcohol and handled those things in my life, that I was able to have personal certainty that I didn’t ever need to drink again. I’d like to say that Narconon gave me my life back, but it didn’t. It gave me the chance to create a whole new one.”

The graduation ceremony ended with the two latest graduates sharing their stories and focusing on how each of the steps of their individualized treatment program got them to a point where they now know they can live a drug-free and productive life again. 

The underlying message of the evening was that prevention is critical to ending the addiction crisis and that long-term, holistic treatment like the Narconon program is key to ending an addiction once it starts. The “drug-free, for good” message was echoed throughout the evening with long-term drug-free graduates and family members sharing the inspiring results in their families. 

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Source: Narconon Suncoast