Narconon Suncoast Highlights Risks of Legal Marijuana for Upcoming Vote


In an effort to rally support for anti-drug initiatives Narconon Suncoast is diligently promoting the facts about the effect legal marijuana laws have had in other states.

In a recent recent review of states that have legalized medical marijuana, Narconon Suncoast found that  all have higher youth use rates and abuse/dependency rates, almost twice as high as states without such laws.  The evidence from these states point to the disastrous economic and addiction outcomes if Marijuana is legalized here in Florida.

If the amendment were to pass, the Florida Department of Health estimates that close to 2000 pot shops would be opened in Florida. These shops could then legally sell high-potency, marijuana-infused edibles, like the ones already responsible for this year’s dramatic increase of emergency room visits and Poison Control Hot line calls due to accidental ingestion by children in Florida.  Marijuana edibles, such as the cookies, candies, sodas and other sugary treats are made with highly concentrated THC extracts, called BHO honey oil or Budder. The concentration of THC in these treats ranges from 60-90 percent, a level toxic to children and animals.  Compare this to the average joint that has a potency of around 8-14 percent.

A recent 30-day use study by the Youth Substance Abuse Survey found that use of marijuana by 8th, 10th and 12th graders in Florida is slightly higher than the national average but use rates have remained consistent with the previous year’s report. What Floridian families don’t want to see is the numbers of teenage use skyrocket, as they have in every state that has passed medical or recreational marijuana laws. Flooding the market with marijuana cookies and candies is sure to have unwanted effects on the physical and mental health of Florida’s children, not to mention their academic success rates.

As the election grows near, many political leaders and state organizations are coming out in opposition to the amendment.  On October 12th the Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) announced that they strongly oppose this amendment because “Our top priority is the safety of our citizens and communities, and we believe this amendment may create more problems than it intends to alleviate.” said FPCA Executive Director, Amy Mercer.  “This amendment may create more problems than it intends to alleviate” The Association is primarily concerned that the proposed amendment would not provide clear guidelines for enforcement, leaving Florida’s law enforcement officers without specific instructions for consistent enforcement throughout the state.

Narconon’s evidence-based drug prevention program has always worked to educate youth about the harmful effects of marijuana and real health risks associated with this drug. “No one wants to deny someone with a terminal condition or end-of-life patients from access to CBD oil and other medicinally approved marijuana products.  We do want to avoid the staggering increases in teen drug use and increased fatalities due to impaired students and adults that other states have experienced after legalization,” said Community Services Director Yvonne Rodgers. “We would like families to understand that this Amendment is NOT about pharmacy-type regulated medical dispensaries, it is about thousands of pot shops and tons of high-dose THC products that will be easily diverted into the hands of younger users.”  The answer is for Florida voters to do their research of what has really happened in states that have voted to legalize. 

Source: Narconon Suncoast